Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diet II

During the second day at Uncle KC's home, I did something bad...
I made a mess at Uncle KC's kitchen
 I'm too eager for HUMAN food (which is what I'm having almost everyday)
and try to find some TREASURE at the trash can
Mommy was so disappointed at me
and while she's cleaning the kitchen....
  Uncle KC lock me in and :" &^^*#$%#$&" to me... 

Uncle KC :
At beginning, Piggy was not cooperate during jogging, he tried to push n jump on me.
Since yesterday, he knows that he have to do it (jog) and he's doing it pretty good.
Now he's quite comfortable at my home.. not whispering that much when Mommy's gone.  

 Lulu is having fun with Mommy,
she is so adorable!
She loves people to hold and hug her
May I type something?
Lulu is a great companion!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Moving!

Do I look upset?
Yes I am..
Because I am moving out and stay with uncle KC
(Good thing is his apartment is just a few blocks from ours and I still can meet Mommy everyday)
Uncle KC and Mommy make a diet programme for me
Every morning I have to jog for 20 minutes
Same for evening, but only 3 time a week
Mommy just bought me weight control foods from Petsmart
(thanks Preston and Mommy Susan for the suggestion, apprieciated ^^)
When Uncle KC walk me to his apartment,
I was trying to pull the leash and not willing to follow him
(this brokes Mommy's heart :"(   )

Uncle KC took picture of me waiting for Mommy pick me up

Uncle KC : Once Piggy reached he's just standing at the front door.
He keeps whispering and crying and after a while he went to my bed and sleep.
Hopefully Piggy can lose his weight and stay healthy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since Lulu moved in,
she became my most favourite Buddy because we can together 'bully' CHAMP (OPS!)
Together we sleep, eat, walk, ride and etc..

Sleeping Prince & Sleeping Beauty

Friday, June 4, 2010

Need A sexy figure

This is me, 3 years ago..

Few month later...

and again few months later

years later..
3 months ago..

and 3 days ago..

Can you guess how much BIG different am I ?
I've put SOME (or more?) weight in these years
From 33 (3 years ago) pounds till 45 pounds (which is scaled 6 months ago)
Every summer Mommy will let me have a Fitness Programme 
For example, Jogging, Swimming, cut down my meals..
but it doesn't really work on me
(Mommy suspect Grandma feeding me when she not around)

She swear this summer she's gonna make my jelly tummy gone