Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sedgwick Fair

Hey Mommy are you ready ??
Yeah! We are heading to Cheney (50 minutes from Wichita)
for Sedgwick County Fair
 Champ wasn't able to go because he will go out of control in crowd of people.
 We are so excited for our road trip!
Too hot for me... I need cold air please
Hmm... Maybe I should enjoy the nice view but I'm just so lazy
and Lulu stay still until we reach the destination 
Mommy ... I'm so nervous... this is the first time I've seen so many people...
but no doggies at all....
(Mommy friend's told her that dogs are allowed and that's why we are here~)
What's that??
Erm... It does look scary..
Ruff Ruff!! I hate them!!! 
Cows !
Sniff snifffff
Funnel cake!! I love it!!
*guard came* 
Guard : Dogs are not allowed here..
Oh no!! we are not welcome??
(Mommy's friend also has no clue what's going on)
Sadly, Uncle KC, together with us, are waiting outside while Mommy gets her Funnel Cake
Anyway, it is a good experiences for us.
We were so tired and in deep sleep while on the way home!