Monday, May 24, 2010

attack by tick!

Mommy found a tick that's biting on the back of my neck
Quickly, she used the tweezer to pull IT out 
IT is so small and tough, Mommy took 1-2 minutes to pull it out  
(Mommy spend around 5 minutes to pull the tick out on Lulu because IT start sucking the blood on her ear)
She clean and put some antibiotic cream on my wound (OUCH)
A week later, the wound doesn't get any better 
and the hair around the wound are cut so it can be clean better

Mommy would suggest always get a First Aid box
 (sold at walmart, Petsmart, Petco)
From now on, we have to shampoo our feet every time we come home from outside.
and everybody, watch out for the TICKS 'N FLEA

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ready for summer?

Are u guys ready for summer??
Its been raining for a week, (I hate rainy day)
and today is nice and warm
and I enjoy sleeping under the sun

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 Mommy I Love you~ and Happy Mother's DaY
(oops.. picture is blur.. gotta get a new camera)
sniff sniff.. love the carnation's smell~
(actually i wanna chew it but mommy stop me)

Lulu is staying with us now until her daddy move to a new apartment.

(oops! flash hurt lulu's eyes)
Mommy say I act like a big brother
 I always clean her after she Poo 'n Pee
 she always sleep on my tummy
Let her play all my toys