Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Back!!

I'm back!
It's been a while since I update Piggy's blog
Mommy and Uncle KC just came back from New York for taekwondo tournament
and the trip is fun and tiring too

Woofstock was held on Saturday.
It's a lot more fun this year because Champ, Lulu, Casey and Snowy went with me!

There are more people attend Woofstock this year.
(18000 people were estimated to go for this event) 
And also there are more games, such as,
Owner Look Alike, Best Dresses, Best Costumes, etc.

Owners and their buddies are ready to go on stage for the best dresses contest
Love the bee Pug! 
He is so cute

Champ also dressed up as Shocker Dog

Luckily Mommy didn't forget to bring own cup for me
because I don't like to share drink with the others!
Meanwhile, a pug next to us is drinking can soda!

I did so much better for the racing compared to last year!

This is the first time Snowy take part of the racing,
she and her mommy are having fun too!

There are many Pugs and pugs lovers that came to play with Lulu!
We only met 1 puggle this year though :(