Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yappy Day 2010

Yappy Yappy!
I love Yappy Day!
This year, I have 2 companion and they are
Lulu and Champ!I bet this is their first time to be there.
Is a pretty nice weather in the morning. 
Many people n dogs going too!
(does he look like champ?)
(that wasn't me! just another guy like me!)
Surprising me, there are a lots of puggle coming this year!
Lulu found her twin!
And lots more! (Lulu is the smallest one among them)

 Mommy didn't enter me in any contest this year.
(you will get to know why when you read Yappy Day 2009)
Champ and Lisa joined the Owner Look Alike contest.
Both of them wear the same shirt!
Yellow shirt make them look outstanding on the stage.
video for Champ on the stage

Proudly, both them won the contest, the Champion!!
They also called Champ the "SHOCKER DOG"
Champ was so popular that everyone came up and praised him!

Lulu also joined the Best Dress competition with KC
Sadly she didn't win but it was a nice experience!
Mommy got so many sample dry food sample for us,
(enough me for a month!)
Yappy day is fun for me, and also for Mommy too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Collar

Do I look fashion?
Mommy brought me new collar from
(Chain martingale collar)
This is a great alternative for me because I'm a strong pullers.
and also perfect for who have been trained with a choke chain,
(which i hate the most)
Mommy also bought one for Lulu (Lil' Red)
coz she is strong puller too! and the collar always slip off from her neck!
 Is she look as fashion as me?
Champ didn't get one yet because he still training with his new chock chain.

If you want to look fashion like me,
let your daddy and mommy buy one for u too~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yappy Day 2009

Yappy Day is celebration of dogs and the people that loves them.
This event is hosted at Pavilion II at the Kansas Coliseum.
I went with Mommy & KC last year.
Mommy dressed me up so I can take the Best Dress Contest!
But I don't have much clothes.. (because i don't like wearing it)
you can tell from my face :(
I meet so many friends and everyone looks excited but i was a little bit nervous.
They are so fashionable! (better than me...)
A lot of contests were held, for example, wettest kiss, largest dogs, cutest dog,
dog owner look alike, stupid pet trick, smallest dog, ugly dogs, bark off and also best dress.

I took two contest, Best Dress and Stupid pet trick.
During the stupid pet trick,
I didn't listen to Mommy's command and just sniffing around.
After that, Mommy have a little talk with me.. (sigh..  :\ ) 

I got some free sample of foods and toys too~
KC won the games and got me GREENIES !
My favorite treats!

This year's Yappy Day will be held on March 27, 2010 at 9am
Kansas Coliseum
Hopefully I can meet you guys over there~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Champ Bro

Ruff Rufffffff
Can't believe another new member join in!

 Champ! the Golden Retriever
 we already know each other from long time ago
 Grandma adopted him from a friend who cannot take care of him anymore
 I can't believe we have to stay together forever... sigh

This fellow is 5 years old, BUT he still act like a kid!
He is hyperactive, naughty, annoying... and disturbing me all the times.
And he make me stayed at KC there for a week right on the day he move in
because mommy worried that we're gonna have big fight and try to calm me down.

 Things never gone right since he move in,
we have to share the places like living room, under the table, sofa..
and FOODS!

 the things i hate the most is he keep smiling all the times, which got everyone's attention!
Grandma is now angry at me (coz I keep fighting and barking at him all the times)

To get their attention, I started to play my toys (didn't play since 2 years ago) 
 because Champ played my toys!
And I also retrieve the balls (coz he did that too!)

 Mommy is getting surprise that I did so much things that she never seen before!
I guess this is how I can win my mommy back.

Recently I've tried to ignore Champ.. I better just go to sleep..

Now I'm starting to get along with Champ but I still fight with him sometimes!

Sister Lulu

Mommy said that I always look lonely,  alone and has no buddy to play with.
And she decided to find me a buddy so i won't get bored.
(Grandma and KC disagreed because they think I'm already used to be alone)
 do i need a buddy?

Anyway, on New year 2010 mommy gave me a surprise!
She introduced me my new little sister, LULU the pug.
Lulu was adopted from Kansas Humane Society.

 she was abandoned by her previous owner.
she is so tiny, has wrinkle on her face, curl tail, black mussel and just like me!
(except for the size)
At first, Lulu kept growling at me (a warning for me to back off)
then I just backed off to break out the fight.
After a while, me and Lulu started to sniff each other and circle each other!
That means we've become good friends! 
Ruff! Ruff!
happy ending

 But after 2 weeks... 

(to be continue..)