Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pool PArty

 Where am I heading?

This place looks familiar to me.. 

Ahhha! That's Pooch Pool Party which I missed last year!
Lulu: HELP!!!
We believed this is the first time Lulu gets to swim because she almost gets drowned.

She learned how to swim very quickly!

That's a Puggle! And he swims very professionally! 

 Mommy don't leave me! 
Wherever Mommy's going, I'm always following her
Uncle KC said that I have separate anxiety! 
She is Snowy,Beagle. A cutiepie~
It's her first time at the pool but she can already swim very good! 

Oh yea, that's Champ who's born to be a swimmer! 
Yee Haa~ He loves sliding!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poor Lulu

Mommy made a BIG BIG mistake!!
Today, Mommy sit down on the kitchen's floor preparing lunch for us.
She's trying to cut the chicken into small pieces using the scissor,
SUDDENLY Lulu licked the scissor while Mommy's cutting!!
(Mommy did not realize Lulu's by her side, she is day dreaming!!)
and very quickly Lulu's mouth is full of bloods!! 
Mommy quickly send her to the nearest vet.
While on the way to the Vet,
Lulu keeps bleeding non stop and blood already cover her face.
When we reach the clinic,
very quickly vet and nurse do the emergency first aid for her.
Luckily her wound was not too bad,
just have to seal her cut wound.
 Lulu discharged after 3 hours and she is very sleepy after the surgery.
Luckily she still have appetite for her dinner but her wound's still bleeding a little bit.
Now mommy learned a new lesson,
NEVER use danger objects around us!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Finally I got my supermodel body curve back!
(Hmm .. actually still not that curve but at least everyone can tell that I'm getting slim)
My waist measurement drop from 30 inches to 26 inches
Since Mommy got her holiday for few weeks,
sometimes I go for jog twice a day!
Mommy found out that I'm getting tired of the weight control foods,
so everyday she will mix some foods,
(for example, steam chicken, hard boiled eggs, steamed veg..)
which is also good for build up the protein inside my body
And I also started playing toys (which belong to lulu)
Mommy believed that exercise help me look more energize and youth!

This Saturday (8/21)
Rock Rapid Pool will have POOCH Pool Party
at 2pm to 430pm